How to Get Free Pills & Free Delivery on Your Next Order

Qualifying for this promotion is easy. Use your MasterCard or Visa to top up your crypto account and pay with Bitcoin to receive free postage (EU/UK) and medication

If you buy 30, 60 or 90 pills, you will receive 20 for free.
If you buy 120, 150 or 180 pills you will receive 40 for free!


Bitcoin: What is It?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency; think of it as digital money which exists only online. As these types of currencies are decentralized, there is nobody in the middle, like a government or bank.

To purchase Bitcoin, the first thing that is needed is an account on a crypto exchange, like Coinbase. To set one of these up you will need a valid email and identification (driving license or passport) together with a smart device and internet connection.

Setting Up a Crypto Account

Follow the 3 steps below to set up an account on the well-known crypto exchange, Coinbase:

  • Go to the homepage on Coinbase and enter your email address to begin setting up your account, be sure to have your ID handy.
  • Verification of your account is done by providing a current photo of either your passport or driving license, and then adding your Visa/MasterCard to your account.
  • Make a payment with Visa or MasterCard and convert your money to Bitcoin which will appear in your crypto wallet.

Make a Payment Using Bitcoin

Making a payment for your order using Bitcoin is easy. Once you have your order finalised, head to the checkout and select Bitcoin for your chosen payment method. We will immediately send you an email which will include our wallet address for you to make your payment.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin

On top of being eligible for our current promotion, we receive Bitcoin payments instantly without the need to wait for the payment to clear. Because of this, we can get to work dispatching your order much sooner.

Due to Bitcoin payments being decentralised, there are no authorities monitoring activity. This means that your payment via card will show a payment for Crypto with no reference leading to our website or the goods ordered from us.

Helpful Tutorials: Setting Up a Coinbase Account

In order to make things as easy as possible, we have attached 3 very helpful videos which cover the setting up, verification and making payments using Coinbase. Each step is covered in the videos we have attached below:

Video 1: How To Create & Verify Coinbase Account Instantly

Video 2: Coinbase Sign Up: How To Create/Open Coinbase Account 2022 (iPhone)

Video 3: Coinbase Learn: How to send crypto

Do You Need Further Help?

If you have any further queries about any subjects relative to this promotion, please be sure to contact our friendly customer care team. Our agents are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year via phone, email and live chat.